ROBIN - Exeter HS

ROBIN - Exeter HS

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My name is Robin, and I am a school chaplain at Exeter High School. I am a registered high school teacher with a background in physical education and geography. My wife was a school chaplain in Queensland, and her experiences and love of the job inspired me to do the same. As a chaplain I am able to do what I care about the most, which is pastoral care, being a support to students and families in need.

exeter hsRelationship building is an integral part of my role as chaplain, where positive relationships are used to break down barriers and allow for me to be a supporting figure or refer students to receive the appropriate support they need. Using programs, teaching and relationship building, I aim to share the message of love and show the gospel in action through a giving heart and desire to help.

High school can be a tough experience for many young people. Through being a positive example and living out my faith I am able to be a vital part of the work of SU Tas and the school community by bringing hope to young people.

The work of chaplaincy will only continue with the support of the community and generous Tasmanians. Your gift will help support my work and school chaplaincy into the future!