DEB - Rose Bay HS

DEB - Rose Bay HS

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view from rose bay hsMy name is Deb, and I am the school chaplain at Rose Bay High School. A wide variety of life experiences led me to apply for a position working with SU in 2007. Prior to getting married and having children, I spent a lot of time hanging out with SU people, and through this, came to feel that this was my duty and calling.

deb with students
I help teach skills and values through running or supporting a variety of programs such as small groups, Breakfast Club, lunch activities, gardening, cooking class and a community café. Chaplaincy is so important for supporting the community and helping young people safely navigate our rapidly changing social and cultural spaces. It is my pleasure to walk in faith, hope and love to bring light to students.

The work of chaplaincy will only continue with the support of the community and generous Tasmanians. Your gift will help support my work and school chaplaincy into the future!