Below are some common questions about the SU Tas Gift of Hope catalogue:

Why give a gift of hope?

Your gift purchase is more than simply an activity pack or first aid kit – it is part of creating an experience that will change young people’s lives and give them hope. Each gift contributes to the amazing work of chaplains, camp leaders and volunteers throughout Tasmania.

When can you give a gift?

These gifts can be given all year round – Christmas, birthdays, Easter or just to brighten up someone’s day. Any occasion is perfect for these gifts.

Does the actual gift get sent?

Your purchase of a specific gift is representative of the type of activities SU Tas is engaged in. For example, the purchase of a first aid kit helps support the work of our camping program. SU Tas does buy first aid kits, but funds are also used for a much broader purpose, such as providing education and life skills needed to give campers hope for the future.

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