SUE - Montello PS

SUE - Montello PS

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My name is Sue, and I am the school chaplain at Montello Primary School. I grew up in Hobart in a family committed to the work of Scripture Union. I have a background in teaching and have been involved in both SU Tas urban and beach missions, and a local chaplaincy committee. When my children left home, I was challenged to become more active in the community, and felt school chaplaincy was an effective way to be involved.

sue at schoolIn 2015 I became an SU chaplain at Zeehan Primary, and then recently became school chaplain at Montello Primary. As school chaplain I am there to provide a listening ear and a caring presence for students and other members of the school community – being there for them in the good and the bad times – and helping them deal with the issues they may face. 

The vision of SU Tas is to help bring hope for the future to young people. As a chaplain I enjoy building relationships with students and their families and am seeking to bring hope through my daily interactions with them. By helping young people grow spiritually healthy lives, develop resilience, and equipping them to make positive choices, we are building a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

The work of chaplaincy will only continue with the support of the community and generous Tasmanians. Your gift will help support my work and school chaplaincy into the future!