LEANNE - West Ulverstone PS

LEANNE - West Ulverstone PS

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My name is Leanne and I am the school chaplain at West Ulverstone Primary. I have worked in a number of Human Services roles and my heart is to see young people feel loved, valued and heard.

west ulverstone psEvery day in the life of a school chaplain is different, depending on the needs of the students. Each day I ensure that I am working on nurturing strong relationships. Everyone should feel loved and supported and this role has the capacity to provide that, allowing teachers and school staff to focus on teaching.

Hope grows when there is love. The aim of SU Tas is to bring hope for the future and it is my desire to see this shown at West Ulverstone by providing a loving, stable and positive environment for the school community.

The work of chaplaincy will only continue with the support of the community and generous Tasmanians. Your gift will help support my work and school chaplaincy into the future!