REBEKAH - Riverside HS

REBEKAH - Riverside HS

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My name is Bek and I am the school chaplain at Riverside High School. As I am currently studying to become a teacher, I am excited to have a role in the school community.

Riverside HS is a large school and the students there have a wide variety of needs. In my role as school chaplain, I will be running activities and working with students individually to build positive relationships in the school. I meet with students and offer support as they navigate issues that face them. This helps them build skills in resilience and assists with early intervention before challenges may arise.

The aim of SU Tas is to bring hope for the future and together with generous supporters, I am able to show hope at Riverside HS by providing a loving, stable and positive environment around my work. Through this I am able to help young people and encourage them to make positive choices.

I would love your ongoing support, through prayer, through financial support or even from a friendly email. Thank you so much for your partnership!