BARRIE - Latrobe PS, Latrobe HS and Ulverstone SC

BARRIE - Latrobe PS, Latrobe HS and Ulverstone SC

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Hi, my name is Barrie and I’m school chaplain at Latrobe High, Latrobe Primary School, and Ulverstone Secondary College. I’m Tassie born, previously been a Youth Worker, Child Care Educator and Tour Guide.
After focusing on Outdoor Recreation for five years, I got the stir in my heart to go back to youth work and support young people.

I started in Jan 2017 and between the two schools there are approximately 800 students. As chaplain I am a part of the support structure that helps create a positive school
culture and assists students who are doing it tough. I love spending time with students hearing what life is like, encouraging them, and then seeing them being able to go back to class more calm and equipped to face school life. It’s about being Jesus’ hands and feet – what is needed in that moment for that student.

The result? One Primary student has been able to name their emotions more clearly to their teacher ... a High School student opened up about trouble at home and was able to get some support to help them through it ... another student commented that they were looking forward to school because they’d be getting raisin toast from our Breakfast Club. With your support, in these big and little ways, I am helping SU Tas in bringing ‘hope for the future’ to young people each day.

The work of chaplaincy will only continue with the support of the community and generous Tasmanians. Your gift will help support my work and school chaplaincy into the future!